Q: How long until I receive my order?

A: Approximately 4-6 weeks. There is a 3–5-week lead time for item production and (depending on location) about 1-2 weeks shipping time.


Q: How much does shipping cost?

A: A $13 flat shipping fee is added to each order, regardless of location or item quantity.


Q: When does my card get charged for my order?

A: Your card will be charged upon placing your order. Please note that due to the nature of on-demand production, all orders are non-refundable.


Q: Do I need to create a new Username and Password to make a purchase on the HALL Partner Shop?

A: Yes. www.hallpartnershop.com is a separate website from www.hallwines.com, and you will need to create a new username and password to make a purchase on the site.


Q: Can I place orders via email or phone for the Hall Partner Shop merchandise?

A: No, you cannot. HALL Partner Shop merchandise is available for online orders only. We cannot process order requests via phone or email.


Q: Will my order arrive all together in the same box?

A: We cannot make any guarantees about items shipping together. Not all of the available products are produced at the same facility, so if you place an order with multiple items they may arrive at different times and/or in separate packages.