About Us

Welcome to the HALL Partner Shop, where you can find custom embroidered items, made on an on-demand basis, just for you!

As the HALL Wines Partnership has continued to grow over the years, we have found a need to produce custom merchandise for our HALL Partners, and thus created this shop to provide you with an array of HALL Partner apparel.

Due to the on-demand nature of the merchandise production, all sales are final, and the production + shipping time is longer than you may be used to when ordering from HALL. We appreciate your understanding that all purchases are final sale.  

We are thrilled to launch this array of Partner Merchandise to you, and look forward to seeing you sporting your new HALL Partner Merch!

Don’t forget to share your adventures on social with the Hall Wines Partner hashtag! @hallwines @waltwines @bacawines #HFWPartners